Spring Cost Saving 

Maintencance Tips

As seen in: Northern Illinois Real Estate Magazine

by Ernest Swierk, president, Great Lake Contractor Services





As the weather warms up, it is a good time to think about refreshing and revitalizing your home. Here are a few tips that may help save you some money down the road.

Check your sump pump - Be sure it engages every time the float is moved into the up position. If there is any hesitation in the operation, replace it. A nonfunctioning sump pump can cause extensive damage to your structure and belongings.

Check your gutters - Ensure they are clean and draining properly. Pay special attention to how the water is draining out of your downspouts. The water should flow out and away from your home. Use downspouts extensions or cut a swale into your yard to reroute the flow of water if needed.

Inspect your roof - Shingles curling or excessive shingle grains where the water exits your downspouts can indicate an issue from hail damage or simply the age of your shingles. These should be addressed before they cause further damage to your structure.

Check for leaks - Inspect your water lines and drains for any moisture. To check your toilet tank, drop a few drops of food coloring in the tank. Wait about 10 minutes and see if the color has reached the toilet. If it has, you have a leaky tank. Repair any leaks you find during your inspection. Water is expensive and leaks can cause major damage. These simple checks can help avoid the big problems that come when they are left unattended. A well maintained property puts money in your pocket for a new kitchen or bath, a new roof, siding, doors, windows, or deck. We can help with repairs or improvements. We are ready to provide you with excellent customer service and expertise to meet your need.